Why you want the Camgag Photobooth

The Camgag Photobooth is the first truly professional photobooth that combines sleek and intuitive design with high-quality camera and integrated social media integration. Let your guests spread the word about the unforgettable fun they’re having at your event. 

The Camgag photobooth is ideal both for private parties as well as professional happenings, be it product launch, galas and all other events, both formal or casual. You have fantastic branding opportunities and the intuitive social media sharing makes the Camgag a perfect tool for creating hype. Your guests will have a great time (and professional photos to remember), and you will have free and organic publicity.

Who can use the Camgag Photobooth?

Everybody! It is so intuitive and simple to handle, even kids can use it. And the photos are always of great quality, due to professional camera and automatic TTL  flash integrated into our photobooth. Place the photobooth at your wedding reception, and you will have fantastic photos and great memories, without having to wait for Aunt Petunia to figure how to connect her smartphone to a computer.

Let’s Make Your Event Unforgettable


Supernova Cult is the official and qualified partner for Camgag in Luxembourg. We are the exclusive distributor of the best photobooth on the market, and we will make sure your event is a memorable success.